Which People are providing SIP & what interest rates are they giving .

Benefits of Sip Over Fixed Deposit

difference Between SIP & Mutual Funds .

formula of SIP

Calculator of SIP & stuff .

A Sip Calculator Can Be Found out at : https://scripbox.com/plan/sip-calculator

. Now Let Us Step by Step Look at Providers who are Offering The SIP Service .

Yes, investing in SIP is always a good idea. It keeps you disciplined, is easy to monitor, takes advantage of rupee cost averaging, can be increased or reduced anytime.

SIP is considered the best investment habit because of the following reasons:

  • Flexibility-Increase or decrease the investment amount according to your convenience
  • Liquidity-Withdraw the investment amount when you need it
  • Simplicity-Simple and disciplined way to create wealth
  • Inflation-Proof- Regular interval investment reduces the impact of inflation on savings